On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 11:21 PM, Jonathan Kamens  wrote:

>  I use many of GIMP's features. I'm not just removing red-eyes from my
> family photos. Yeah, I'm not a professional designer; no one is paying me
> for the output of my work, nor am I publishing it as art. But it feels to
> me like perhaps the GIMP team's vision of its target audience is overly
> limiting and in the end will benefit neither GIMP nor its user base.
I have to ask, do really not save your edits as XCF files? Even if I am
doing a red eye removal, I duplicate the layer and work on that, saving the
file as an XCF, so I can always revert back, if needed....

I find the new paradigm quite intuitive, once I thought about it and gave
it a try.  The native format is XCF, which is the only thing you save.
 Everything else is an export to a lossy (in some manner) format.

The inconsistent behaviour of the overwrite should probably be brought up
to the gimp devs, if it doesn't line up with the outline.

-Rob A>
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