I also hate the save/export feature, that does not bring any convenience at 
all, and causes lots of errors when you are tying to "save" an image. In former 
Gimp versions, typing the file name without extension was enough to "save" the 
file in xcf.
Now, the program has gone STUPID enough to bring you a useless explanation when 
you (ARRGH!) "saved" instead of "exporting" and (maybe nobody tried yet), if 
you chose "export" and type xcf or no extension, you are also entitled to a 
little explanation telling that you should have selected the "save" option and 
saving is forbidden too. So that the fix I was about to propose (modify the 
sources, renaming "export" as "save", and "save" as, say "xcf save") is not as 
simple as I thought, as you also should avoid the dumb explanatory message and 
allow saving in xcf even if you are "exporting".
I would like to know who introduced this new "feature": to my mind, it must be 
an infiltrated saboteur from Adobe.

Francois (via gimpusers.com)
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