>On Sun, 2012-07-15 at 19:07 +0200, erroneus wrote:

>> It is also of interesting note that I have also attempted to resolve the 
>> poppler library lack without success.  I just don't know what is missing 
>> from all of this.

>As of poppler, GIMP requires 'poppler-glib >= 0.12.4' 
>I used the packages in my repository:

>both of them version '0.12.4'
>try those packages and if any error occurs, please report them back...
>Aliet Exposito

I also have poppler-glib 0.12.4 which comes with my distro.  However, the 
compiler doesn't see it.  It's not the show-stopper that the SVG support was.

My results have been close to satisfying but the performance and behavior leads 
some things to be desired.  For example, when I was messing with the text tool, 
I would highlight text, then go to the control to change something about it and 
it would deselect the text.  Weird.  (Then again, I wasn't using the "close to 
the object being edited" tool thing... when I used that, it was good.)  But 
that leaves me wondering "was I supposed to see the regular/original text tool?

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