>You need to build things in the selected build directory, babl, gegl
>and gimp

>If glib and gtk versions are too low, you need to build those and
>their dependancies in the selected directory.

>DO NOT BUILD IN /usr or /usr/local

>Make sure that the console you are working is the console that you
>have exported the paths as per the gimp users tutorial. That way,
>looking for libraries ensures the first searched path is your build
>directory, not /usr or /usr/local

Got it... I'm currently wallowing in dependency hell.  Each thing needs another 
thing... so far I have downloaded the following: cairo, pango, gdk-pixbuf, 
gtk+, atk, libffi and glib along with the previous babl and gegl and now it's 
telling me I will need poppler and pixman as well.  The rabbit hole goes deeper 
and deeper and the passages ever winding.

I just want to make graphics... you know?  This stuff is making me tired and my 
eyes dry.  

erroneus (via gimpusers.com)
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