> Just so you know... I just removed the BABL and GEGL libraries from my
> system and attempted to build exactly as the instructions say I
> should... well, it says:
> checking for GLIB - version >= 2.28.0... no
> *** Could not run GLIB test program, checking why...
> *** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file
> config.log for the
> *** exact error that occured. This usually means GLIB is incorrectly
> installed.
> configure: error:
> *** GLIB 2.28.0 or better is required. The latest version of
> *** GLIB is always available from ftp://ftp.gtk.org/.
> I think I will give this a try after dinner... the wife' "strongly
> hinting" that I should eat.  I wonder if I will be able to build a
> conflicting version of GLIB in the /opt/gimp-2.8 tree without other
> issues.

You need to build things in the selected build directory, babl, gegl
and gimp

If glib and gtk versions are too low, you need to build those and
their dependancies in the selected directory.

DO NOT BUILD IN /usr or /usr/local

Make sure that the console you are working is the console that you
have exported the paths as per the gimp users tutorial. That way,
looking for libraries ensures the first searched path is your build
directory, not /usr or /usr/local


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