> So please, don't count my silence so far as indifference...

Likewise... my silence is not indifference... I LOVE the new behavior.  For 
what I do most, which is creating/editing images with multiple layer/mask 
support, the change is EXTREMELY welcome.   

First you have gotten rid of the annoying popup windows telling me I am loosing 
data when "saving" to jpeg/png.  

However, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the change now prevents an change being made with 
layer, mask, or other non JPEG functionality support, saving to jpeg, and the 
accidentally closing the image without first saving to xcf to ensure those 
changes are preserved.  While it did not happen often in 2.6, it did happen 
enough to really appreciate the new behavior.  

Also, for me... EVEN if I hated the new behavior, for me the new features such 
as resource tagging, brush dynamics(I use a pen/tablet), Layer Groups(though 
really wish the masking would work on groups.. but will have to wait for 2.10 
for that), and other new features are well worth the small change in routine.  
Of course, this does not even count all of the upcoming changes which will make 
life so much easier in 2.10, 3.0, and beyond such as layer adjustment masks, 
etc.  For these features alone, I would gladly change my long standing habits.  

I also want to express my deep appreciation and respect for you guys who spend 
countless hours of your free time with little to nothing in return.  As a few 
others have noted, I also am getting really tired of hearing all of the people 
acting like children who are not getting their way.  I mean seriously, why keep 
arguing?   The decision has been made, it was made on purpose, it was provided 
YEARS in advance for those who actually gave a DAMN about their input being 
heard so that they could provide their input(and in some cases ,their input 
allowed for some slight tweaks to be made while still following the direction 
the product wanted to head).  

Bottom line, if you don't like the new behavior please note your complaint ONCE 
and then move on... decide if you will relearn behaviors to accommodate the new 
GIMP UI, roll back to a previous version of GIMP(and thus never get new 
features again), fork the code, or find a new piece of software.   This 
constant back and forth is pointless trolling... your not going to win and your 
just doing more to alienate the developers.  Perhaps YOU may want GIMP 2.6 to 
be the perfect GIMP, but you risk ruining for everyone who either don't care 
about the new save vs export or those who like it from loosing the 
developers(and thus future updates) of the project.   
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