maderios ( wrote:
> >True, we know that we have way too many configuration settings.
> >
> >Unfortunately adding to these doesn't help with this problem.
> I don't understand. What's the problem ? You can keep a default conf
> or change a few things, or change many things... 

This is a two-fold problem: On one hand more options makes it harder for
the user to get a deterministic behaviour (since behaviour depends on
more-or-less-obscure options). On the other hand more options increase
code complexity. They make code harder to understand and to maintain.

And yes, we fought single-window-mode for a long time. In the end we
followed our interaction architect: He deemed it important and created a
spec for it and he wanted it to be configurable.

(Note that SWM also is not a hidden option in the preferences, it has
its own menu entry, it is exposed quite prominently).


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