>I can see how this is going to be a sensible, useful contribution,
>deeply appreciated by all of the community.
>Alexandre Prokoudine

You know, it really is OK to be wrong.. in fact, it's the greatest gift anyone
can hope for.

I came here to contribute to a piece of software which I actually use. In the
hope that my tiny contribution might be something that is accepted by the
'community'. What did I encounter?

Character assassination.

But I've come to realize how much of a fools errand I'm on, because nothing is
going to change the mind of a person who doesn't want to change. And that's
something I can accept. I'm wrong. I shouldn't be contributing to this list, and
consequently .. I really shouldn't be using the GIMP because I'm not a part of
'all of the community'.

Progress is made in communities when people learn to co-operate. Co-operation is
only bread through understanding. Understanding is only created via acceptance.
Acceptance requires that the individual listen to others first. Community isn't
a salesman's buzzword. It's fundamental to the lives of everyone contributing.
If you want to call this a community, 'to commune' would seem the first step.


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