> Thing is -- there is no "the" standard

If you're saying that Ctrl + S doesn't 'generally' mean 'save my current file to
it's current location in it's current format with the current settings' then
you're splitting hairs.

FYI: The GIMP is considered anacronistic and difficult to use. I work with a
middle aged systems architect whom considered learning to use GIMP one of the
most difficult parts of building his software. When I first started using GIMP
(~6 years ago), it took me 2 weeks to figure out how to cajole it to perform the
functions I required. I've been using (and programming) computers since the mid

How's the functionality? Excellent. Could it be easier to used? Undoubtedly.
These little GIMP specific anacronisms really aren't necessary, they're
undesirable. If that's not obvious (even after hundreds of discussion threads),
there's nothing I can do to help.

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