>What you shouldn't do is overreacting. But that's entirely up to you.
>Which is what we've been doing since dawn of times. Claiming the
>opposite just because someone blamed you for using questionable
>arguments isn't what I would call a mature reaction.

You've claimed that my responses weren't constructive, did they make people
think? Did they challenge the status-quo of "beat people up if you don't agree
with them"? It doesn't matter how the argument is worded .. what matters is
"Does it have merit?".

"I'm right because I can denigrate you"? I've never resorted to name calling.
Mature? You're trolling. My friend, the "dawn of times" just ended.

>Personally, I think that some of your points were spot on, other --
>completely bogus. Is this something you could live with? :)

I can live with my reactions, no problem. There's no blame here. Just a piece of
software which really needs something more than a bunch of programmers arguing
on a vacant discussion thread about common sense software design. Don't want to
change the GIMP to make sense? Not my problem.

But given the reaction and discussion herein, I'll not be attempting to make it
my problem in the future. Good luck to you Alexandre.

>Alexandre Prokoudine

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