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> On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 1:30 PM, Kevin Cozens <ke...@ve3syb.ca> wrote:
>> It looks good but you could tighten up the design. It uses a lot of space
>> for little information, but that may be in part that it is a sample of the
>> appearance of the front page without the final content.
> I don't think it's that big of an issue.  We live in an age of high
> resolution monitors.  Higher resolution images would be good to take
> advantage of that.  Personally I like the current site design (on gimp.org);
> primarily because I enjoy reading the GIMP news as soon as I get to the
> site (which I avidly check even though it's not updated very often).  For
> me it just means more clicks to get to news.  I guess I'll just depend on
> my RSS feed as it's not that big of a deal.
> However I like how Kasim emphasizes features on the front page which
> beckons users to try it out.  The only thing I would like to see changed is
> the text, "Play with the Tools of the Trade."  I don't like that because it
> implies that there is no need to take GIMP seriously as a professional
> editing tool or that it's a free trial to "play" with before using the real
> thing.  I'm tired of hearing people say GIMP isn't as good as Photoshop.
> They just haven't used GIMP enough.  You need to unlearn Photoshop to
> really take advantage of GIMP.  I think GIMP is already ready for the prime
> time just industry doesn't take the time to learn a new tool.  I would like
> to suggest you changing that text to, "Draft with the Tools of the Trade."
> This let's users know that it's there for the taking yet allows
> professionals to take it seriously as a tool to get work done.
> If we're really going forward with this redesign thanks for considering
> any of my thoughts.

To add on to my previous statements I'd like the front page to be edited a
bit more.  I'll quote the previous text and then follow that with what I
would like to see it say.   Note:

> *Professional Level Photo Filters*
> Make your photos picture perfect with with prefessional-grade color
> *Play with the Tools of the Trade*
> GIMP comes ready with everything you need to design like a pro.

--------------------------------- Suggested Changes....

*Professional Photo Filters*
Make your photos picture perfect with professional-grade color filtering.

*Draft with the Tools of the Trade*
GIMP has a robust set of tools and can be easily extended through add-ons.

--------------------------------- Notes....

On the second sentence of the first line I correct your misspelling of

Avoid the word 'comes' as it implies humans traveling (to come and go).
Again emphasize that GIMP brings a lot to the table.  Having a robust set
of tools is good for both users and professionals a-like.  Easily extending
functionality through add-ons caters to real power users of the tool.

I try to think of the psychology behind the advertising since the first
page is something everybody sees I think this redesign will ultimately make
GIMP more popular.  Especially with high bit depth editing coming to the
table in future versions (which I look forward to!).

Thanks for taking the time Kasim to put a lot of thought into your design
and asking for feedback.

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