On 08/16/13 08:17, physoc wrote:
I downloaded GIMP today (16 August) and run Win 7 (64-bit). I've been
unable to get it to start because it crashes when 'querying plugins'
in the 'Startup' routine. If I close the GIMP window and try again it
skips across the previous plugin .exe but then hangs at the next one.
After ten-minutes of closing/ running/ hanging.....etc., I gave-up!
Free software is fine if it works, if it doesn't it's just a few
deleted bits in the Recycle Bin....

OK, problem identified and fixed. My problem was with ZONE ALARM firewall
settings. It required GIMP access to be set manually to allow internet access.
This maybe what is causing the problem with others. Check any firewall settings.

I've ran Zone Alarm and it shouldn't be interfering with The GIMP starting up (especially since, afaik, The GIMP doesn't need the Internet to work).

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