On 06/26/2013 10:54 PM, Michael Schumacher wrote:
On 26.06.2013 22:43, Kevin Payne wrote:

Perhaps you could leave it buggy and maybe these python script writers with problems won't see their changes ignored:


Or, as an alternative, someone could report that problem as a proper bug. With a minimal sample script for the reviewers to try attached to it.

I have helped quite a few people writing their first python scripts, and once they know where to look/what to check, the problem vanishes...One of my scripts even abuses the registration procedure (it runs but doesn't register, so runs each time Gimp is started). So the whole thing works quite well and all problems I have seen have been with the user's system (or operating procedures).

I would even say it works too well... I have Python plugins that use a configuration file, and this configuration file will change things in the registration, but Gimp of course doesn't check the timestamp of the configuration file. It would be nice if the registration data could include a file to check the next time around...
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