I feel that perhaps you may be a bit misguided in your interpretation of

There are plenty of us who use it daily for high end photographic
retouching and editing.  Like most things worth using, it may take a little
time to become accustomed to the methods and interface.  Being initially
confusing to you doesn't necessarily make it any less of a program in terms
of capability or performance.

GIMP is aimed at raster image manipulation.  It is more than capable for
the just about any photo editing you may want to do (with few exceptions).
 I personally am willing to guess that it will do anything you personally
need to do in Ps.

GIMP will not read RAW files directly, but neither will Ps, just FYI.  Ps
uses Adobe Camera RAW to first 'develop' the image, then passes it to Ps
for editing.  In the same way, GIMP can use a RAW processor to first
develop the image, then open it (of course, you have a nice choice of RAW
processors to choose from in the F/OSS world).

btw, if you are not actually developing your RAW files in ACR first, you're
already losing a huge chunk of control right out of the gate.  Seriously.

For instance, my own workflow has me opening/editing RAW files in
RawTherapee, which I then pass directly (and easily) into my GIMP sessions.

If it helps, I personally write tutorials specifically targeted at GIMP for
photographic retouching/editing.  Perhaps walking through a couple of
tutorials may help you wrap your head around the concepts that are
different than what you might be used to?


Also, I might suggest looking into a different location for downloading
your version of GIMP.  Partha has builds that include many useful
photographic plugins/scripts that may help your workflow out as well:


On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 12:53 PM, physoc <for...@gimpusers.com> wrote:

> >I would really be interested in why you think GIMP is 'useless'.
> Well mainly because it won't load my Nikon RAW files.
> My impression is that it's aimed, not at 'photo editing but rather bitmap
> graphics. See the comment about 'webcomic' on the thread.
> But this aside I was disappointed given the comment in the multi-page
> feature in
> What Digital Camera magazine that seemed to imply that it was a comparable
> product to Photoshop.
> I was a bit unkind about geeks and open-source applications. I use
> OpenOffice
> and I'm very pleased with it. But OpenOpffice, unlike GIMP, does provide a
> professional 'Office' look-alike experience. And I think that is what I was
> hoping for with GIMP, but didn't get. OK, not 'useless', but of no use to
> me, is
> a more accurate comment.
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