On 16.08.2013 19:57, physoc wrote:
>> physoc (for...@gimpusers.com) wrote:
>> Uh, where do you see that? Certainly not on www.gimp.org, or?
>> Sounds like some dubious download site, because we gimp developers
>> certainly can think of scenarios where paying for your photo editing
>> software makes a lot of sense.

> Simon, the phase appears at the bottom of this very page on 
> GIMPUSERS.com....at
> www.getgimp.com

Yep, this is some dubious download site. Note the "launches
DownloadAdmin™, which will mange your installation process." in that
site's fine print, that means that you can be tricked into installing
potentially malicious software alongside GIMP.

By using ad services that have such occasional ad banners  which point
to such scams, gimpusers.com - itself being a third-party site - does
unfortunately contribute to that confusion. Maybe they should find a way
to weed those out.

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