În data de Fri, 16 Aug 2013 20:08:45 +0200, Michael Schumacher a scris:

> > Simon, the phase appears at the bottom of this very page on
> > GIMPUSERS.com....at www.getgimp.com
> Yep, this is some dubious download site. Note the "launches
> DownloadAdmin™, which will mange your installation process." in that
> site's fine print, that means that you can be tricked into installing
> potentially malicious software alongside GIMP.

Something is indeed dubious there.

If you click on the big "download gimp", it will download a
gimp-setup.exe file which contains – among other things – some
LuaSocket related files. Lua language provides access to TCP, UDP, etc.
protocols. As GIMP has nothing to do with this, at least not at install
time, it is likely something spam-related, if not worse.

If you go at the bottom, click on About Us and then click the same big
"download gimp", then it will download version 2.6.11 from Sourceforge.
Clearly they have a flaw in their own spam system :)

To summarize, best thing to do is to download GIMP from its official
site, which is http://www.gimp.org. A trusted alternative for Windows
version is to download the package from http://www.partha.com site,
which includes some plugins right from the start. Probably UFraw is
included, which helps you load your Nikon RAW files (this is just a
guess, you should check for yourself).


Cristian Secară
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