On 08.08.2014 02:15, hmx wrote:

> I discovered that when I re-installed the original video driver the UI problem
> was resolved, after having spent many hours re-installing Gimp, upgrading to
> Gimp v2.8.10, Installing and re-installing newer version video drivers for the
> HD 6450... then finally installing the ORIGINAL video drivers, and the UI
> problems disappeared.  It would be nice to have the option of using up-to-date
> video drivers, so it would be nice to find out EXACTLY why this problem arises
> and find a resolution that will work with the new drivers.  If any of you 
> driver
> experts out there can figure this out, please post a reply.  Until then, I 
> will
> just keep hiding my windows updates for video drivers!

You should ask AMD if they have an idea why this may be happening.

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