I stumbled into the exact same problem yesterday:  I could no longer drag n drop
layers in the Layers Dialog.  It happened immediately after a windows update
updated my video drivers (AMD Radeon HD 6450), and although I hadn't realized it
at that time, this is what caused the UI drag n drop problems in Gimp v2.8.6.

I discovered that when I re-installed the original video driver the UI problem
was resolved, after having spent many hours re-installing Gimp, upgrading to
Gimp v2.8.10, Installing and re-installing newer version video drivers for the
HD 6450... then finally installing the ORIGINAL video drivers, and the UI
problems disappeared.  It would be nice to have the option of using up-to-date
video drivers, so it would be nice to find out EXACTLY why this problem arises
and find a resolution that will work with the new drivers.  If any of you driver
experts out there can figure this out, please post a reply.  Until then, I will
just keep hiding my windows updates for video drivers!

I know better than to let my backups get behind and not be able to just do a
full system recovery, which probably actually would have ended up taking a lot
more time, but I was lucky to have resolved the problem by re-installing the
original video drivers.  When I get the system backed up, I will do a full
recovery and install the latest video drivers and then install Gimp and see if
the UI problem occurs.

hmx (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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