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Steve Kinney (ad...@pilobilus.net) wrote:
> Here's what my installation looks like when starting up, in case
> it's of any use:
> ~ $ gimp --verbose
> INIT: gimp_load_config
> INIT: gimp_real_restore
> Parsing '/home/yeti/.gimp-2.8/pluginrc'

Plugin querying would happen here. If you want to experiment you can
just remove the pluginrc, gimp then re-queries all the plugins.

But apparently this is not the cause for your slowdown.

Try the following: In the "moreutils"-Package there is a small utility
called "ts" (for TimeStamp). Then start Gimp like this:

$ gimp --verbose 2>&1 | ts -s [%.S]

ts then prefixes every line with a timestamp relative to the starting
time. That way you could try to figure out where the time is lost.


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