On Sunday 14 September 2003 01:07, Carol Spears wrote:
> what is the difference between these two things?

i'm not sure either, though i have thought that gap might be 'easier' to 
run without gimp on machines that have limited resources, maybe i'm 
wrong, i have no idea of the technologies involved.
whati have been doing with gap is to use xaos output and add effects.
gap does not support png though and what i do is to open the first image 
of the sequence and then convert them all to jpegs, after doing whatever 
it is i do i then can use gap to make an mpeg. i can't do any of that 
with cinepaint afaik. a problem i have found is that an image created in 
xaos is 'out of image resolution bounds' according to gimp, not knowing 
how to change that i end up often generating a couple of thousand message 
errors :), does this have something to do with the 8 bit resolution 
thingy ? (sorry, i am really not technology minded).

cinepaint doesn't seem to have any of the functions gap has ? i fact i 
haven't been able to discern what functions it does have that gimp 
doesn't, so i'm not sure why one would want to merge ?


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