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sam ende <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

cinepaint doesn't seem to have any of the functions gap has ? i fact i haven't been able to discern what functions it does have that gimp doesn't, so i'm not sure why one would want to merge ?

I say again: support for 16(48)-bit images!

Gimp will read them in but immediately throw away the lower 8 bits.
For those of us dealing with 16-bit (actually, often 12-bit but the
extra 4 bits are irrelevant in this) film scans and raw files from
digital cameras, this is very important.

BTW, what's gap? The only GAP I'm aware of is the Gnu Administration
David B.

gimp-gap is available via gnomecvs:

instead of "cvs checkout -r gimp-1-2 gimp" type "cvs checkout gimp-gap"

however, i was unable to build the plugin from cvs. i did get the tarball from http://sven.gimp.org to work.

can support be added for the extra colors? and a stand alone (i was able to run gimpimpressionist from my brothers 486 because it could stand alone) would be very nice, especially for me since i have a huge collection of ancient computers.


ps, does anyone have a mutt config i could look at?

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