On Sunday 14 September 2003 14:37, Carol Spears wrote:

> well, lets work on gap then.

it's not a bad program, not much available documantation wise which has 
its plus and minus points, i discover you can do things it was probably 
never intended for but otoh finding i'm doing things in ways totally 
convoluted and uneccesary and so i hesitate to write it up myself.

> i was not able to build it from cvs, but the tarball i got from
> http://sven.gimp.org worked.  to be honest, i have not played with this
> plugin very much.  i have a tough time with a single image ....

> can someone add png and mng support to it?  both png and mng have that
> comment space  :)

it would be useful. remember i asked a while back how to convert pngs ? 
turns out you can do it in gimp with gap (duh :) and way easier than 
imagemagik and the like as it keeps the numbering sequence necessary for 
further work, but it would be much more useful if one didn't have to 
convert in the first place.

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