Carol Spears wrote:
> what is the difference between these two things?

Filmgimp (now Cinepaint) is a branch of the gimp. That is, it's a
complete image processing application. The framemanager (perhaps
what you're thinking of) is a plug-in for that application. GAP
is a plug-in for unstable gimp, which shares a lot of
functionality with the frame manager. 

By the way, for those who don't know, the GAP plug-in is
available in CVS (CVSROOT=
:pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/cvs/gnome, module
gimp-gap). Note that you will need your gimp development stuff on
the search paths of the applications we use to build from CVS
(notably, gimp-2.0.m4 should be in the path specified in
ACLOCAL_FLAGS and gimp-2.0.pc should be on PKGCONFIG_PATH).


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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