> For you to suggest today that the problem was me not communicating enough
> shows real cheek. The person out of the loop is you. You have admitted you
> have no clue what happened to Film Gimp in 2000 when it was killed or in
> 2002 when it was resurrected, but that doesn't stop you from publicizing a
> negative opinion of it and me.

Robin, there is really no point in being personally offended here. I
didn't say a bad word about you nor about filmgimp or cinepaint. Why
do you make this a personal flame war? I am not going to follow you on
this road.

OK, then let's state my point again in a few simple words so that you
have a better chance to understand them. I have been on the
gimp-developer mailing-list since 1997. Before your reply I wasn't
even aware that there was a film-gimp list at some point in time.
During all this time, all I heard about film-gimp was some rumours. I
might have missed something, but I personally don't remember any
discussion among GIMP developers about a film-gimp merge. I haven't
claimed anyone being guilty for this, I only state that, as far as I
know, no serious discussion about film-gimp and if and how to merge
it, ever took place. And I asked you (and still do) not to state
publically that such a discussion would have happened.

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