>>>>> On 13 Jan 2004, "Sven" == Sven Neumann wrote:

  Sven> Is there a particular reason you are running such an outdated version?

I see this statement a lot - i.e. users using really old versions of Gimp. 
Would it be reasonable/feasible to add a hook into gimp that checks it's age 
and gives a warning if it is more than x months old?

One implementation would be to check the binary timestamp and if > 3 months 
suggest that the user check http://www.gimp.org for updated versions?

I am loving 1.3.23 and am amazed to see people still runnning 1.2.2, but it 
happens, how can we better "educate" the users? Just a thought to consider.
(for better or worse - witness what mozilla does - they make it really obvious 
if you are running an older version - albeit easier to do version warnings 
with a browser).
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