Gene Heskett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Friday 23 January 2004 14:29, Marc Dver wrote:
> >Can someone recommend ways of speeding up Gimp on a WinXP Pro
> > machine? I'm using GTK+ 2.0 and the stable version of Gimp (the
> > development version won't install on my machine because it has a
> > AMD K6-2 450 processor).  When I use the bucket tool, it takes a fw
> > minutes before it fills, during which it freezes.  It never
> > crashes, but takes a while to perform the operation.
> >
> That sounds like you are out of memory and using the swap to me.  I've 
> had it occur here with half a gig of ram.  How much ram to you have?

A very important question that should always be looked at when it
comes to memory is: "What is your setting for the tile-cache size?".
If you don't choose a reasonable value here, GIMP cannot make
optimal use of the available memory.

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