hi Marc,
On Fri, Jan 23, 2004 at 02:29:52PM -0500, Marc Dver wrote:
> Can someone recommend ways of speeding up Gimp on a WinXP Pro machine? 
> I'm using GTK+ 2.0 and the stable version of Gimp (the development 
> version won't install on my machine because it has a AMD K6-2 450 
> processor).  When I use the bucket tool, it takes a fw minutes before it 
> fills, during which it freezes.  It never crashes, but takes a while to 
> perform the operation.
depending on the size of the image, your computer will only be able to
do so much.  My friend had some of the same issues with Photoshop, btw.

if you are working on a reasonable size image, i think that TheGIMP will
render the effect quicker doing things its way with reasonably the same
number of keystrokes as photoshop.

you ask TheGIMP to do what a corporation cannot.


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