Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> TheGIMP -- being built on linux and the defaults set for the excellent 
> way that linux handles all the different little memory devises that 
> these computers have --  might need for you to consider your resources 
> while setting TheGIMP up. More than you are used to thinking about.
> A document has been carefully hidden on mmmaybe.gimp.org that should
> help you to figure out what your computer is doing.  This document also
> described accurately how to keep adobe photoshop from eating up outlook
> express ability, if this is an issue you have as well.  How nice for the
> gimp development team to provide such instructions for the operating
> system you paid for (one way or another), windows.  I am curious if
> Microsoft tech support could help you with your GIMP installation.  It
> runs fine on my computer; and I am usually running on windows users
> outdated equipment.  ie, your trash thanks to windows.
> for $600 i will make the image on linux for you faster than photoshop
> makes it on windows.  A second image a mere $150.  I will throw in the
> memory management documentation for your other apps for free.
> http://mmmaybe.gimp.org/unix/howtos/tile_cache.html
> i warn you, even simplified, computer memory management is a difficult
> concept.  There is a good chance that the developers would like you not
> to read carefully through this so they can keep their jobs.
> i can guarrentee that they will not reach out and tweak it for you.  they
> are unhappy with the way they needed to make your gui run stable as it
> is.

Please ignore Carol's ramblings. She is talking mainly bullshit here.
Albeit the fact that she has a gimp.org email address she is not
talking on the behalf of the GIMP developers. At least when she's in
this particular mood.

Please don't get a wrong impression from Carol's reply. We are
definitely interested to hear about your in your problems. Even though
most GIMP developers are using some flavour of UNIX, we are still
willing to make GIMP work well on the Win32 platform.

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