Steve Crane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am not at all unhappy with GIMP's performance (using default settings)
> on Windows XP other than the fact that I have noticed a lag before the
> file chooser opens when using File|Save As.  I am a developer myself and
> work on Windows, so I have GIMP on it for the odd occasions when I need
> to do something graphical at work.  Because I don't use it much I
> haven't bothered trying to optimise it but I will try doing so to see
> what difference it makes.
> My comment that I didn't think available memory would impact the time to
> open the file chooser for Save As, revolves around the way I do this in
> my own programs.  I do no processing before displaying the file chooser
> and if the GIMP behaves the same there is no reason for there to be a
> lag.  If however, some processing is done before displaying the dialog
> then some delay might be expected.

I don't think GIMP does anything special before opening the file
selector. It might be the file selector itself that causes the
delay. Do you observe similar problems with other file selectors
(for example when exporting a path or loading curves presets)?

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