I thought gimp 2 was due to end of february. when is it expected? Is there any way of subscribing to a list or something with announcements of each version ... for windows... ?

PS: gimp seems to me like dead software for the simple reason that the gimp.org seems to be very un-updated:
1) *WWW.GIMP.ORG will soon get a facelift! announcement there for ages and yet everything still unchanged by time (not even new screenshots for 2.0)
2) I'm back to being a windows user. (unfortunatelly?) a large percentage of artists still are. Still getting a good gimp is like scratching your left ear with your right side. I go to gimp.org, download, ... there there's this tiny note with a link to gimp for windows .. then "download"... which if I go to leads to a very confusing page with many many links ... and still none of them contained gimp pre 2 ... then over there again I hunt for a non-obvious link to "gimp installer" (http://www2.arnes.si/~sopjsimo/gimp/) ... and only then via de development version was I able to get a pre4. This sucks. I mean it's like .. umm ... it's like 7 clicks away from gimp.org. I mean ... well .. isn't gimp for artists ? .. or is it's target audience only linuxers and I used to be a linuxer for a while .. and still I didn't like compiling from sources ... I see here small problems which with small modifications on the part of the right people could do a IMO signifiant improovement to Gimp publicity.
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