Void lon iXaarii <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>     I thought gimp 2 was due to end of february. when is it expected?
> Is there any way of subscribing to a list or something with
> announcements of each version ... for windows...  ?

Sure, there's gimp-announce, see http://www.gimp.org/mailing_list.html
for a list of GIMP mailing-lists.

> PS: gimp seems to me like dead software for the simple reason that the
> gimp.org seems to be very un-updated:
> 1) *WWW.GIMP.ORG will soon get a facelift! announcement there for ages
> and yet everything still unchanged by time (not even new screenshots
> for 2.0)

There are screenshots of the development version at developer.gimp.org.

Your rants are not really helpful but I take it that you are trying to
volunteer to work on the GIMP website. Please subscribe to the
gimp-web mailing-list and check out the gimp-web CVS module.

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