i have been using TheGIMP since 1998, version 1.0.2 was my first.

there have been several new users of the gimp in the time between then
and now.  many many of these new users come from a different operating
system and a different way of working.

i would like to suggest that if you would like to use this software that
would not have been built on those other operating systems, that you at
least understand what you are talking about before making opinions that
make you look, well, uninformed and quite stupid.

making applications that emulate windows/macintosh software will do much
to help to make free software easier for others to use -- it is like a
bridge that way.  TheGIMP was never intended to be this sort of bridge.
it was made because a couple of nice guys did not want to steal
photoshop. it is not an app that emulates anything.

now, to the new file selector.  there is a huge difference between the
file selector in gimp-2.0 and the file selector in gimp-2.1.  the newer
of the two is an invalid (sickly person) compared to its proud
ancestors.  i have tried to make a tutorial that shows what the old file
selector can do and what the new one stuggles to do.  the person who
designed this is being paid by a company -- it would be nice to see some
evidence that it is not an attempt to destroy free software.  i cannot
find this evidence, however.

a comparison of the file selectors and what they can do can be found

if you have never experience <TAB> completion in all of its linuxy glory
before, here is a demonstration:

if you are unsure where your tab key is, i am starting a collection of
tab key images here:

i have a separate rant about the idiotic new naming scheme with calls a
directory a folder.  a folder is a paper thing that appears at the end
of a long location sequence.  it is located in a building, on a floor in
an office, in a cubical, in a file cabinet, in a drawer and then finally
where ever that draweer has subdivided it to be.  my stupid computer now
has folders within folders within folders.  i have some office (real not
microsoft office) experience, and i happen to know that this would not
work in real life and looks real stupid on my computer.  i would like to
know who to blame for this and my rant, which will hopefully become more
articulate eventually and not well, i am frustrated and it shows:

if your contribution to free software is to make free stuff work like
not free stuff, please direct your energy to such projects as open
office and evolution (i am sure there are others) and leave gimp alone.
feel free to use gimp.  design emulation software though.

thank you,
/me points to the door for those who have been offended ....


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