Nick Wilson wrote:
Hi everyone,

Im selecting a subject (my sister) from her background, for use as a
transparent jpg on a webpage. Here is the pic so far:

I know i need to replace quite a few pixels that got inadvertently
transparentized (?) but my question is this: I have roughly used the
eraser to get as near to the body as possible. Is there a tool that will
help me get closer?

Ideally, i'd like to have the edges soft, but im a total novice at
graphic design (cant u tell? ;-) and could really use a little push in
the right direction.

btw, hard edges are fine if they will look good, the only thing that
really matters is that it looks great on a webpage. My thanks....

Hi Nick,

I think the following tutorial corresponds more or less to what you want to achieve.

The problem of loosing pixels you had with you dog and with your sister would be easily avoided if:

1- You always work on a copy (thus you can get the lost data back).

2- You use either the layer mask or the quickmask, as I explained yesterday. The eraser is definitely not the good tool for what you want.

Best regards,


PS: Your sister looks great! (forgive me, I am French ;) )

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