> When I look in the folders listed, there .exe files
> there.  the plugin I
> downloaded is a .c file - how do I get it from a .c
> to a .exe?  I looked
> through the .c file, and it made mention of
> gimptool-2.0, so maybe I
> should be asking where do I get it?

That's strange...well a .c file is a C file, meaning
it's the source code of some C program. C is a
programming language. In order to get it from .c to
.exe  you need to compile it...if you have no idea
what the heck I'm talking about just send the URL to
the list and I or someone else will be happy to
compile this file for you, and post the .exe file
somewhere. And chances are you downloaded the wrong
file of the plugin (i.e. the source). As far as
"gimptool" I wouldn't know...but I guess (big guess)
that it's just some part of gimp--maybe toolbar!

p.s. do you have gimp 2.something ?


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