Jozsef Mak wrote:
Now that Gimp 2.2 is out, we can start fantasizing about the changes we would like to see in the next release.

These are my fantasies.

To begin with, I would do away with all transformation dialog boxes (scale, shear, rotation and so on).

Already planned, iirc.

Next, I would simplify the gradient editor. The following idea is taken from Macromedia. Wouldnït be nice if I could drag and drop color swatches over the small triangles under the gradient ramp and the editor colors would update instantly?

Already in bugzilla as an enhancement request, afaik... yep:

The tool bar, on the left side, has also been bothering me for some time. How about rearranging it in a narrow, horizontal style and clipping it to the top of the screen. This layout would produce more efficiently utilized screen space and a more contemporary look.

You can already have this, just stretch the toolbox horizontally.

I have already found as being a good idea placing the zoom-setting box at the bottom of the document window; but how about further expanding on this notion either by making use of the entire available space on the bottom panel or creating a second row of panels underneath the document windows menu bar (file, edit, selectï) and placing option boxes thereï selection settings, brush settings, airbrush settings and so on.

Would clutter each image window, so it's not desirable at the moment. If there is a "dock everything to anything" in the future, each user could configure it.

These are logical places to implement option settings; Photoshop, Corel and Inkscape are already making use of these panels.

Well, IMO Inkscape's SDI approch sucks - I tried several times, and still find this very hard to use (maybe it sucks more on Windows than on other platforms?). The toolbar is only partially shown most of the time, undocking it doesn't turn it into a freely resizable window, new windows alwas open at 0,0 ... Not something GIMP should try to imitate...

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