Carol Spears wrote:
On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 07:51:01PM -0500, Geoffrey wrote:

I have been working with selecting sections of a photo so as to remove the background. Although it appears that I have selected the whole portion of the image, when I paste it to new, I see missing pixels. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Point is, if I've missed some pixels, they should show up as not selected right?

Gimp 2.0.4

I've dropped the two images here if you would like to check them out. Note the missing pixels on the second image, (primarily on her legs and arms).

it would be easier to see the problem with the xcf saved with the selection you used.

I put it on the site as well.

it is recommended that you work at 400% view so that you can see if
there are problems like this.

I looked at it at even a greater % and still could not see any pixels that were not in the selection.

another thing to do is to save the selection as a layer in your xcf so
you can fix any pixels problems like this, whether it is a problem with
the selection technique or with gimp.

Well, I used the clone tool to fix it up, but I'm still thinking there's a problem with GIMP.

the image demonstrates a problem but it is not enough to determine if it
is your technique or a gimp bug.  also, before filing a bug report, it
might be good to update your gimp to 2.2 and see if the same problem
exists there.

I know, I've been planning, but it's been busy. I'll download it tonight. :)

Until later, Geoffrey
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