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David Marrs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As a general rule of thumb, users expect to be able to extend the use of 
> a tool/app/whatever on right-click anyway. This is simply a continuation 
> of that process. I don't really see why it should cause problems for 
> more experienced users who would easily be able to turn the option off 
> if they didn't like it, but I think it might help newbies and less 
> experienced users. I also think it's a more logical use of the right 
> mouse-button.

I would not expect that on right-click, but maybe I'm not representative of the 
standard user. The fact that right-click currently does something that is 
available elsewhere is nice in my opinion, as a new user doesn't have to search 
for it, the menus are plain visible. Once he learns right-click gives the same 
menus, he can choose to use one or the other or both, so I like very much the 
current state of right-click (even though I don't use it myself!)

My point is, the user would have to guess those actions are on right-click. I'm 
not sure right-clicking has to be expected from the user (and new users were 
complaining back at the time right-click was the only way to have menus).

However, the idea of tools actions may be good, I just wonder where they would 

Karine Delvare
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