Sven Neumann wrote:

Now what do you suggest? What kind of indication would you have expected?

A message in the status bar makes sense to me. Off the top of my head, a marching-ants outline of an irregular shape (so as not to confuse with quick mask) with a red X struck through it and a tool tip that says "selection not visible" on mouse rollover. Better still, clicking the box would make selections visible, although a status bar is possibly not the best place to toggle options.

Alternatively, rather than use the status bar, have a toolbar in the canvas window that includes this along with some other common and useful options. See my other reply for an example. I suggested a toolbar once before on this list and it's something I keep coming back to in my own mind as a possible way of solving a number of the niggles I'm having.

It would be optional so that experienced users can switch it off if they feel they don't need it, and it should be customisable so that they can make better use of it. By default, it would simultaneously provide commonly needed tasks and important visual feedback as to the state of the canvas, brush etc.

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