Sven Neumann wrote, regarding an indicator for selection visibility:
> >Now what do you suggest? What kind of indication would you have expected?

David Marrs writes:
> A message in the status bar makes sense to me. Off the top of my head, a 
> marching-ants outline of an irregular shape (so as not to confuse with 
> quick mask) with a red X struck through it and a tool tip that says 
> "selection not visible" on mouse rollover. Better still, clicking the 

That would be really helpful!  I'm forever wondering whether I have
a selection or not, and the only way to find out is to go to the
edit and view menus and look, since not seeing a selection might
mean there isn't one or it might mean visibility is toggled off
(or that there is one but it's tiny and I'm not seeing it),
and if I hit ctrl-T and no selection appears, now I'm not sure
whether I just toggled selection off or on, so I still have to
go to the menus to check that.

Toggling selection visibility is something I do all the time, from
the keyboard (is that just me, or is that common?) so being able to
tell easily which state I'm in would be a great help.

> Alternatively, rather than use the status bar, have a toolbar in the 
> canvas window that includes this along with some other common and useful 
> options. See my other reply for an example. I suggested a toolbar once 
> before on this list and it's something I keep coming back to in my own 
> mind as a possible way of solving a number of the niggles I'm having.

I'm sure some people would like that, but I wouldn't want to have to
devote space to another toolbar to see this information.  I like the
statusbar idea, even if it was something as simple as another variable
like %S that I could put into statusbar preferences, to say "Selection
Off" or something.  Though an icon with a red X, like David
describes,  would be easier to notice.

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