David Marrs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As an example, I thought I'd try toggling a selection. Bunks mentions
> in Ch.3 that it's easy to forget that you've toggled a selection so I
> thought I'd see if this is still the case:
> I opened an image and used the lasoo to make a quick selection. Hmm,
> that's odd... no marching ants. Let's try again, making sure the start
> and end points overlap... nope, still isn't working. Oh well, scrap
> that and use the elipse select. Use control-T to toggle its
> visibility. Is there any indication that visibility is switched off?
> No, which is why Bunks has "scratched (his) head many times trying to
> figure out why...the GIMP no longer seemed to be working."

There is an indication that it is switched off, but only an experienced
user would look into the View menu and check the state of the toggle
menu items. So you are right, this is a problem, similar to

Now what do you suggest? What kind of indication would you have expected?

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