David Marrs ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
[Troubles getting lasso selection to work]
> [...] I finally figured out what the default lassoo action 
> actually does. Maybe there's a good reason for having the primary action 
> intersect and the secondary action add. Whatever it is, it's not to aid 
> learning. I figured it out relatively quickly, but unless a newbie 
> cottoned on to the idea, he would probably remain lost.

Just to clarify what happened here: The tool options can get stored to
disk, I am not sure if it is enabled by default, I'd guess so. At some
point you left the GIMP with the lasso tool in "intersect" mode and Gimp
faithfully restored it on the next startup...

There are "Reset" and "Save" buttons at the bottom of the tool options.
You can use these to restore the default behaviour ("Intersect"
definitely is not the default).

Hope this helps.
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