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> Hello Gimp-users,
> i've got a bad digital camera and want to work over the results. Bad in this
> case means, that i've got good resolution and good results concerning the
> light, but a bad sharpness.

How was the camera being held?  Was it sitting on something, or was it
in your hand?  If it was in your hand, try putting it on a stable
object (e.g. tripod, chair (risky, but sometimes it works)) or getting
a digital camera with auto-stabilization or whatever they call it

> My idea is, that if i've got a good resolution, what the fact is, there must
> be a way to sharpen it. Isn't it?

I would say, probably, no.  That said, try scaling it down using
linear or something, maybe that helps?  I doubt it, but maybe it's
worth a shot.  Generally, for something like this, the best thing
would be to get it right the first time, if possible.  Even if that
means taking the same picture 3 times just in case.

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