The image looks blurred by camera shake with the long shutter speed and a non-steady handheld photo. unsharp masking probably won;t help.

Try going here:

and looking at the plug-ins that "refocus" the blurry image. I have not used these plug-ins, but they seem to be based on algorithms that detect the intent of the "focused" image and attempt to reconstruct it. A bit more sophisticated sharpening.


is an explanation of one of the refocusing plug-ins.

Good luck!

The advice about using a tripod or other steady surface is key. Another thing to consider is, if your camera has it, use a timer to release the shutter so you are not physically touching the camera when you open the shutter - this avoids camera shake as well. Then you can open the shutter and can leave the shutter open for a while while maintaining a sharp image with no shake.

On Nov 1, 2005, at 3:36 PM, qeldroma wrote:

Hello Gimp-users,

i've got a bad digital camera and want to work over the results. Bad in this case means, that i've got good resolution and good results concerning the
light, but a bad sharpness.

My idea is, that if i've got a good resolution, what the fact is, there must
be a way to sharpen it. Isn't it?

As example you can take the following picture:

This is a good example of what i mean.

Of course, i could do it in Windows using the well known utilities, but i WANT
to do it with the GIMP ;-)

And of course, i DID try out "sharpness", etc....

Any suggestion is welcome, bye, qeldroma
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