I am trying to learn the Gimp, mostly from the book, Grokking the
Gimp.  It has been pretty useful so far, even if my copy, and the
online copy, is a trifle out of date.  I am using 2.2.8 in FC3.

That is, it was useful until I got to section 3.4, The Paths Dialog.
Now nothing seems to work.

To begin with, the first line in the section reads:

 "Because Bezier paths are so useful, there is a special Paths dialog
 that allows multiple Bezier paths to be edited, managed, and saved."

So to begin with I draw a Bezier path with the path tool, and save the
file.  Then I reopen it, and no path.  I mucked around looking for it,
but I couldn't find it hiding anywhere.  I tried it again and the same
thing happened, both files were the same size.  I tried opening an
image window and doing nothing, and saving it, and it was smaller than
one were I tried to save the Bezier path.  There was no undo history
in either file, I used the xcf format to save.

I then tried a number of other things suggested in the book, including
writing the path on one layer, and then toggling visibility (which is
what I really was interested in) by clicking on the eye-cons in the
layers dialog.  I could go into detail about what did happen, but I
have a feeling that any number of people know what I was doing wrong at
this point, and could fill me in (no pun intended).

One last thing - if after I have made a path, I change tools, the path
disappears, never to return, even if I change back to the path tool.
But the path operations remain in the undo history - so I can remove
the anchors that I can't see, or put them back.  Alas, putting them
back doesn't make them visible.

So where can learn about all this?  Oh, I have looked in the online
manual, and it seemed rather terse on the subject.

Many thanks.


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