On Monday 20 February 2006 07:38, Doug wrote:
> Paul Waldo wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I am evaluating gimp on linux as a replacement for Photoshop on Windows. 
> > I am currently using Photoshop/Windows primarily for the color management
> > capabilities.  I have tried printing from gimp to my Epson Stylus Photo
> > 1280, with horrible results--the colors are off by a significant amount. 
> > System specifics below.  Does anyone out there use gimp for serious
> > printing?  If so, please let me know your workflow and how you achieve
> > color fidelity. Thanks in advance!

I am evaluating two products to use while waiting for Gimp to
adopt the CMYK color model, Scribus and Krita (part of Koffice).
Scribus is really a Quark replacement and Krita (inspired in part
by Gimp is still in an early stage. The Krita manual says it will
do CMYK but my copy doesn't have it yet. It is however very
Gimp-ish in look and feel. 

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