Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> It depends on a person's workflow when retouching photos. If gimp is 
> used from scratch without preliminary viewing photos in some browser, or 
> some kind of retouching is used to decide if the file worth to stay, it 
> would be better to allow simple deletion of selected file within GTK 
> file chooser. Otherwise user needs to switch to file manager to delete 
> the file each time.
> Sven Neumann wrote:
>> The overloaded file selection dialog on Windows is generally considered
>> bad user interface design and fortunately GTK+ is not duplicating this
>> mistake. The usability of the GTK+ file-chooser dialog can still be
>> improved, but cerainly not by adding more stuff to it that is already
>> handled by the native file manager.

In linux I use GQview for this purpose.  I can browse files, delete, 
rename, etc.  I can even open the image in gimp for editting.  I don't 
know if I want GIMP to do this or not.  Not the way I normally do things.

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