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> GIMP Users,
> Because of the nature of my work, I have to repeat the same set of
> commands over and over again. (...SNIP...)
> Is there a way I can save a custom sequence of processes, and then, dare
> I hope, bind that sequence to a keyboard shortcut?

I had a few minutes free so I whipped up a script-fu which I think  
will do the task you described. I have even commented it so that you  
might see how it works (and perhaps modify it). I haven't tested the  
script on GIMP 2.2 (I am using a development version) so let me know  
if it doesn't work.

The command is not assigned to a keystroke but you can do so from the  
"File->Preferences->Interface->Configure keyboard shortcuts->Plugins"  
where you should click on the "Fill Path With FG" command and then hit  
the key you wish assigned.

NOTE: If you perform an UNDO after executing the command, you will no  
longer see the path because you won't be in "edit mode"; the path is  
still there but you will have to manually switch back to edit mode.

The script is available at:

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