Quoting Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> You can write scripts for 2.2 now and continue to use them with future
> GIMP versions. The plug-in and scripting API is backwards compatible. I
> wonder why the example script even goes through the hassle of trying to
> deal with versions.

A valid point. I just dislike deprecation warnings popping up and I  
was rushing things a bit.

Quoting David Gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> The script as defined above produces an antialiased fill, which is naturally
> the opposite of aliased (aliasing is stairstepping, and antialiasing
> counteracts it.). If an aliased (ie. hard-edged) rendering were preferable,
> (gimp-selection-sharpen image) would be needed before bucket filling.

'gimp-selection-sharpen' is unnecessary because anti-aliasing was  
disabled (the argument set to FALSE) in the 'gimp-path-to-selection'  

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