On Sunday 08 July 2007 07:42:04 Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * David Southwell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [07-08-07 10:36]:
> > On Sunday 08 July 2007 02:41:26 you wrote:
> > > Please ask on the gimpshop user list then. You might find that there
> > > is no such list. But we can't help you with gimpshop questions here.
> > > It is a different application and this is the gimp user list.
> >
> > Who is we.. I appreciate the helpful responses I have had from some
> > people on this list.
> >
> > I just want to make clear that people who are accustomed to be
> > positively helpful deserve encouragement and others, not of that
> > disposition, IMHO contribute more to this worlld when they remain
> > silent.
> You are off base and *need* to curb your tongue.  This is *not* a list
> for support of gimpshop which is a fork of gimp and totally
> unsupported here.  AND you are remanding one of the *staunchest* gimp
> supporters.
> Get *your* facts straight before running your mouth (via your fingers).

What facts have I not got correct?

IMHO you are entitled to your point of view and I would not want to discourage 
you from expressing it .. after all I am sure you would agree that neither I 
nor anyone else is above criticism.

Thank you

David Southwell

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