On Monday 09 July 2007 04:30:06 norman wrote:
> < lots of snip >
> > Build up a community that wants something  better but uses gimpshop as a
> > temporary hack. Learn from gimpshop what is needed and then draw
> > development energy from the community to develop something better.
> >
> > My plea is for you guys to stop using your guts to think and let your
> > brains provide sound and constructive strategies for the long term
> > benefit of gimp.
> I have been following this discussion and I think I can understand both
> points of view, to some extent. I have never heard of gimpshop and I
> read this list to learn about and to try to understand Gimp. Anything
> else is, in my opinion. irrelevant and  should not appear here.
Well gimpshop is an attempt (somewhat flawed, to provide a GUI for gimp that 
replicates the GUI for photoshop. basically it builds  gimp as a dependency 
and hacks the gui so someone with photoshop experience can use gimp. To that 
extent it is very relevant because the majority of people who manipulate 
photographic images use photoshop. 

Currently gimpshop is a hack which if it were either more efficient or an 
alternative photoshop gui was available gimp would draw tens of thousands of 
users who would then see gimp as a viable alternative to photoshop.

That would mean more developers, features and a bigger                         
and better community of users. IMHO gimpshop is a great idea. According to 
some its developers have not behaved well -- my guess is there are two sides 
to the story. The important thing is to look to what can be provided not what 
can be stopped!!

Currently all I am suggesting is that people with a history of scores to 
settle need to keep quiet and if others want to talk about gimpshop then let 
them do so. Noone is saying any single individual should feel obliged to 
contribute to those discussion.

Let us be mature, open and flexible rather than driven by hostility. IMHO 
Developers have their struggles.. users are only interested in functionality 
rather than the politics of past struggles.

David Southwell


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